I aim to develop fresh ways of thinking about people, culture and brands.

+ Anthropologist for hire
Anthropology is just as useful in bringing a fresh dimension to research ‘here’, as it is describing the rituals and customs in some far away place. Over the last few years there has been a growing interest in anthropology outside of academia, with companies such as Intel employing anthropologists to help them design products that better reflect people’s everyday lives. Not all organisations can employ their own in-house anthropologist… so I work on a bespoke consultancy basis, giving clients access to the tools of the anthropologist’s trade – curiosity and empathy, questioning and watching and listening – aiming to inspire creative thinking, reveal new insights or make new connections.  Sometimes it’s not more research that is needed but a new perspective on an old problem…so I work on a range of marketing and communication briefs, as well as carrying out original research.

+ Research approaches
I organise and conduct ethnographic research. This emphasises ‘being there’ – in the environments where people live, work and play – rather than in a research facility, and observing, allowing life to unfold, rather than having a rigid agenda. However, sometimes there are things we need to ask people about directly, so I also use other forms of research in designing a bespoke approach for each project.  Consumer research can often be quite dry, so I aim to present findings in an engaging and inspiring way. I produce reports, papers and debriefs, and short films, as and when they are relevant. I also work alongside client’s existing research companies and brand consultancies to provide a complimentary perspective to a project or a film to bring a project alive.

+ Clients and projects

I work with a range of clients across a number of sectors. Recent projects include a stakeholder research project amongst patients and staff at St. Thomas’ hospital, a re-branding project which began with understanding the internal culture of a charity, and a research project for a drinks brand to understand the behaviour and etiquette of cocktail barmen in London.

Please get in touch to discuss how I can help your organisation, request a proposal, or meet over a cup of tea.