In 2013 I made an impromptu observational film at a salon-style art event curated by the artist Peter Fillingham in a huge disused cinema space in Margate. Taking place opposite Turner Contemporary, the event featuring the work of more than 75 contemporary artists. Whilst of course there’s nothing like ‘being there’, I was inspired to think about how I could capture the spirit of the salon on video. I tried to keep my distance and let events speak for themselves. One of the sound works from the event, recorded during a flight by artist Peter Hofer, was used as the soundtrack for the film.

People often think of anthropologists as eccentrics in long shorts off in some far location observing the natives. Personally ‘anthropology’ is just as useful when observing ourselves ‘at home’.

The film was screened in an exhibition at the Sharjah Art Foundation in the United Arab Emirates, and has been published on the online contemporary art magazine /Seconds, along with some text. I found it rather interesting how a film made by one kind of specialist can be interpreted by another kind, in this case artist, academic and curator Peter Lewis.



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