Youthnet is a charity that ‘harnesses the power of the internet to help the digital generation lead better lives’. is their 24 hour, 7 day a week lifeline, online, a unique support system where young people can access warts-and-all information and advice, designed to enable them to develop solutions to their problems.

In collaboration with psychologist Dr. Sarah Snoxall, I was commissioned by (now former) YouthNet CEO Emma Thomas to develop a report that brought together the charity’s vast archive of research into the complex issues facing today’s young people. Incorporating insights from large-scale quantitative surveys, observations in the here-and-now of conversations in online chatrooms and smaller-scale in-depth qualitative studies, the report touched on a wide range of subjects, from sex and relationships, to money, to online bullying. Bringing together insights from the disciplines of anthropology and psychology, the report ‘The Real Inbetweeners’, has been used to help Youthnet with funding applications and with corporate partnerships.

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