Art-in-site is an pioneering company founded in 2003 to change the way art and design is used to transform healthcare spaces. The company works with artists and architects in innovative ways to ensure that a hospital and the artwork within are considered as a whole, allowing patients to feel welcome and cared for throughout their stay.

One of the most challenging issues for any project is that there is of course a hugely diverse group of people who use, work in, manage, stay in and visit a healthcare space, so questioning accepted notions of how a hospital looks and feels is not always easy.

I work with the Art-in-site team on a consultancy basis. Recently they asked me to help explore the views of the many different groups of people – including patients, staff, visitors and other stakeholders – who use the Accident and Emergency Department of a major London hospital while it undergoes refurbishment. Anthropologists are adept in understanding and articulating the points of view of widely differing people: this has proved invaluable in informing this project’s development and ‘buy-in’.

Please get in touch if I can help you on a project that requires sensitivity and insight in understanding a diversity of stakeholders.