I aim to make insightful, intelligent documentaries, grounded in a depth of understanding and sensitivity towards people and culture. 

I first began making films whilst studying anthropology, my first attempt being a study of a ‘guerilla knitting’ group in East London. I’ve since made films about many diverse subjects including men and beards*, World War II veterans, the cocktail barmen of London and the digital life of women. Influenced by the principles of anthropological/ethnographic filmmaking – close observation of everyday life, an acute sensitivity to the effect of the filmmaker on the ‘reality’ captured in the film, and a sense of responsibility towards the people whose lives are portrayed, my films have been screened at festivals, as well as in galleries and online platforms, or have formed content on client’s websites.

+ Short documentaries for clients 
I specialise in making short films for clients based on some of the principles and methods of ethnographic filmmaking. I also combine these with more interrogative interviewing techniques or a combination of more creative approaches. These films can be invaluable in bringing organisations closer to their audiences, as well as bringing to life insights in an engaging way. Clients use them as briefing tools, to inspire creative teams during communication development or to bring a more ‘real’ or direct human dimension to their organisation.

+ Interpretation and analysis
Sometimes, of course, the most valuable part of a client project is not the film in itself, but what it might mean, or what we are supposed to do about it. So a film can be accompanied by a debrief, a paper or a workshop… whatever a client will find most useful as a springboard for their thinking.

+ Collaborative working
I work with a network of other film-makers, editors, and anthropologists who I call upon to produce the best approach for each project. I also work directly alongside research companies, making films that complement other forms of research taking place on a project, as well as with independent production companies on my own film projects.

Naturally all client films are bespoke and confidential. Please do get in touch if you would like to see a showreel, or to discuss a proposal.

*Ethnographic films can be serious, but not always.